Comprehending Darkness

The dark side of nature

Is a phase to rest the soul

When light is absorbed

To sponge the softness

And invite sleep

For the mind can dream

The awakened subconscious

To choose the path ahead

For dawn shall ask for directions

Darkness is not negativity

Humanity describes it

But spirituality needs darkness

To complete the circle of life

Many misdirected souls

Perceive darkness to be sinister

Nothing is more fallacious

It’s time to recoil

To embrace the inner peace

Not to be in conflict

Or to delve into weaknesses

Lazy minds breed thoughts

That creates confusion

It’s human nature

To create a world of its own

And legitimize mistakes

Those are detrimental to self

Awakened minds

See darkness to repose

To create a path for self-realization

And show the right path

To the drifting souls of humanity©

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