The Changing Landscapes

When the trees have been sacrificed

Bidding farewell to the ancient roots

Severing the trunks to expose the concentric worlds

For many secret cosmic codes were preserved

Now lost forever to the greed before being deciphered

The crown of foliage bestowed by Nature

Worthy to chronicle the affairs of the landscapes

Ecosystem of roots ran deep to an interconnected world

Secret messages of life traveled far and wide

Now fallen from grace due to sinister human plans

The crown lay in smithereens, pride strewn all over

Exposing the weakness of the human intellect

A sacrifice may prove too costly for the human race

Till the cosmic world intervenes to restore the interwoven environs©

5 thoughts on “The Changing Landscapes

  1. Wow… Very well written Amitav.. True.. Lot of secrets and old age information is lost due to our greediness and selfishness.. Hope we somehow find the password to the lost data of old ages.. Have a great evening bro..

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