Wisdom does not dissipate with words It chooses silence to convey immaculate thoughts Gleaming messages reflected in the aura Only a pure mind can nurture omniscient ideas Food for souls who chooses life of austerity Reflecting the many dimensional facets of existence Crafted with the divine rays to exude clarity Such souls are recluse, looking to travel beyond The eternal stillness will allow passage to … Continue reading Multidimensional

As Evening Settles Down

Evening settles down quietly After the brilliant Sun decided to retire Twilight provides the perfect milieu Sky patterned with the finest brocades Skillfully woven by the Divine hands The island blessed with an epiphany A rare radiance of the constellations Etches stellar designs like filigreed glass Uplifting the soul to seek for transcendence Awakened subconscious will dream To interpret the mysteries of the night Solitude will … Continue reading As Evening Settles Down

Appearance and Reality

The absence of Light makes a difference To the eyes that see the superficial facades Night does not take away the reality Visible only to the one who looks through the soul’s eyes Cosmic Grace never leaves the awakened Spirit Illuminated forever to see the day in entirety Faith in the Supreme energy shows the path ahead As silence flows through the body There comes … Continue reading Appearance and Reality