Finding Solutions

You will never find the solutions for a problem by reiterating them every day. In fact, you are subliminally strengthening the foundation of the problem, for them to stay longer and the symptoms are delegated to the conscious mind. Look beyond the problem and the solutions you were looking for will emerge.  ~Amitav Continue reading Finding Solutions

From the Summit

Eyes scan the entire landscape from the summit Embracing everything, as the differences and borders blur Feel the soul of the land between your palms As vision spans across many dimensions to create a plan Plant the seeds of unknown knowledge with care The land will yield consciousness to nurture life Waiting for an unborn Reality to usher ultimate awakening Reflection of multiple existences will converge … Continue reading From the Summit

Thoughtless Mind and Eternity

The thoughtless mind rests, to dream in solitude On the lap of eternity, there is divine comfort Soft covers of infinitude keep the soul warm Motionless, but the eternal world revolves around Glimpses of splendor in other-worldly Nature Divine oceans undulating with majestic waves Luminous world bathed in pristine Love An embrace so welcoming and promised with care A thoughtless mind experiences multitudes Everlasting bliss, … Continue reading Thoughtless Mind and Eternity