With Consent

We assume consent is given after comprehending a situation holistically and believing that there will be a favorable outcome for both the parties involved. We fail to realize that in most of the instances the outcome tilts in favor of either of the two, but rarely an equal deal.

When life presents us with any situation, be it positive or negative in such situations we are in haste to take a decision. Common sense is overridden by the emotions and the strong feelings we experience, at that particular time. We are not too good at balancing negativity and positivity. In both the cases, we tend to overreact and take hasty decisions.

Any situation in life has many layers and it takes time to comprehend it all. Life, as we know, due to human tendency has been termed a race ( a race of stupidity); we hasten life and hardly get time to understand life in entirety.

Institutionalized education is an elixir which speeds up the brain’s thought process into believing in such fallacious definitions of life. It is not a new phenomenon, but becoming more evident due to media which forces us to live an alias/alter ego in the virtual world. We try to replicate the well-crafted success in real life.

While giving consent to a situation we are either subliminally coerced or given a falsified narrative of it. Such narratives are carefully scripted to suit the need or greed of the involved partners. In society, we get acquainted with people with manipulative minds, who have an ulterior motive behind each gesture or an act of help.

We pay a price for everything. Such souls who do help without any expectations are there in society, no doubt about it, but they are fewer compared to the majority, as mentioned earlier.

It is adults who give consent, does not build a strong argument, as we never know whether the decisions were taken under duress or willingly. With less than adequate knowledge about the philosophy of life (no one wants to waste time doing so), life becomes a tougher place to maneuver through.

No law is sacrosanct in society and is inadequate to contain the sinister minds from committing an act of perjury. In every walk of life, there are devious minds at work and they know how to subvert the law or work around them to find the loopholes.

In professional life, people aspire to have a career (a fulfilling one) wishes to work for an established ‘Brand’. Do we have any idea about the real ideology behind the brand? Do we really see the truth and the idea behind creating such a brand? We don’t. In such instances too, we give our consent to work for them, thinking of paying the bills and acquiring things money can buy. We overlook many laws, which may not be employee friendly and work willingly or unwillingly due to our commitment.

Relationships are one premise, where truly, even the most experienced people have scant knowledge. Getting into a relationship and the idea of being loved drives the mind to look for potential partners and rarely have we the time to know the real person. We start loving a persona, which, over a period of time wears off and starts exposing the truth.

No wonder, this is one area where we have yet to learn and there are numerous heartbreaks and abuses in society due to hastened choices. If we learn about love from films and media, then we will always be in trouble. Scripted drama is different from reality. People are hiding facts due to fear of rejection and thus, two adults give consent based on falsified information.

After so many centuries of human existence, people are still trying to find a foothold in life. The modern life as we describe it often, based on technological advancement and economic indicators does not reflect the vulnerability of human society. We have become too busy to evaluate our life and mostly imitate the prevalent societal standards.

We live in comparisons, giving up our individuality to fit into society. We provide life with a vague and weak stimuli and life reacts accordingly. When minds are conditioned to live in conformity, we rarely fathom real freedom and become delusional. True happiness eludes us and we try to buy happiness with the materialistic things available for us in a commoditized society.

We like to believe we are free but we are not free from negative ideas and it is affecting our well-being. It is time to contemplate whether we are giving consent to life after taking the holistic view of it and our decisions will be beneficial for our loved ones.

We have become adept at conforming, without questioning the values that have been provided to us. We conform out of fear and due to lack of knowledge about the philosophy of life.

8 thoughts on “With Consent

  1. Wow Amitav… Very great thoughts.. Very true.. I can relate to them. We lack the acumen to decide what is good and what is right, thus we don’t get the balance in our verdict, and the needle tilts. We always are in a haste while taking decisions. We want results, we take actions for that but unaware of consequences.. We always compare ourselves with others, thus killing the real us. Very good points raised here.. Nice one. Have a great time.. 🙂

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