Welcoming the Evening

The spirited breeze captivates the leaves Skillfully maneuvering through the branches Blank leaves are amused and display immense happiness Retreating light of the day extend the arm for a warm embrace Before twilight comes in to change the mood of the land Soft veins of the leaves patterned with the knowledge of life Nature’s secrets written in an encrypted language  There may be given directions of … Continue reading Welcoming the Evening

The Fabric

For long, the coarsely woven fabric gives a forlorn feel Where the strands are forced to fit in with duress Overlapping, there’s rarely any space for breathing Tension causes the strands to stiffen and there’s stoic expression Softness of the fabric blemished with layers of dirt In willing effort to cover up the numerous anomalies and frailties Mended hastily, with force, every strand coerced to blend … Continue reading The Fabric

An Unknown World

Apparition of the unknown world Waketh the consciousness to knock at its doors Percipience doth sketch the inner world from imagination Guiding the mind through ephemeral pathways One who giveth life, keeps the world away from consciousness Judged by the cosmic forces are the heart’s true intent Thus, shall be decided which soul will be allowed in the haven Mostly visited is the purlieu of Life, a … Continue reading An Unknown World