Reaching for the Truth

Pugnacious souls seek knowledge of the Universe

Trying to rise above all and reach for the cosmic wonders

None will be successful with the irreverent desires 

Branches of knowledge will lead everyone to a trajectory

Contrary to the ultimate destination that every soul seeks

The Truth is beyond all calculations that we use to deduce©

12 thoughts on “Reaching for the Truth

  1. Great piece…

    However, I believe seeking truth does not make a soul “Pugnacious” since we all have our own reasons to seek.

    Some of us seek the truth for the truth itself in all its glory. Once one understands that true treasures stand in wisdom and knowledge, nothing can stop you.

    Genuine truth seekers seek not to control but to elevate themselves, not to be above all, but above themselves.

    It’s in our human nature to be curious.

    I hope you keep posting! Infinite peace and wisdom!


    1. Pugnacious, was not used in that context. When we seek we should have the right intentions and yes there are different dimensions of Truth which is to be comprehended. Being curious and trying to comprehend Life are completely different. This was written in the context of self-realization and consciousness. Lines from poetry can be perceived and interpreted in many different ways. I am not talking about about everyday knowledge. Information is not knowledge. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

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  2. Knowledge of the esoteric is never found by searching or delving. It is innate. We seek not to hold as if attainable in the hand. We hold as if it already exists in presence.

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  3. Beautifully put but the wrong message. You are saying the truth ( assuming such a thing exists) is unattainable by the pursuit of knowledge and can only be reached by some esoteric means.
    You are also assuming that every soul seeks — not so; some are busy surviving others are enjoying their lives.


    1. What is your ideology based on? Assumptions too. 🙂 If you think we do not seek is a wrong assumption. To survive (as you have put it) we have to seek the means that helps. You have generalized and mixed up the entire ideology of Truth. Esoteric does not mean that it has no basis or legitimacy.


      1. I have no ideology I look , I learn, I change , I adjust and I listen.
        One third of the globe is on the edge of survival many starve to death each day. They do what you and I would do in such a situation scrabble to eat.
        You misname it, its your ideology of truth , others have a different one or none at all, like me.
        It is legitimate for you and others who accept the same , but a quick browse of this site will show you how many ideologies there are.


      2. Look deeper my friend, there’s lot more to consciousness and the human existence. You have to comprehend life. And yes, we all have ideologies in life. You may follow my writings or you may not, agree/disagree. I am fine with it. But if you say you have no ideology then you are not listening to life carefully enough. Life has a philosophy. Why the situation is such in the world (as you describe it)? Have you tried to understand the reason behind it. Find out the cause rather than look at the effects only. You may not have read all my writings here on this site if you wish to you may go through them.


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