Veil of Anonymity

Lift the veil of anonymity I wish to traverse the obscure path  In solitude, a whisper reverberated Giving me the direction towards Truth Not sure of the projected Reality Let me travel to different dimensions Willing to be anonymous Relinquishing the known and wish for glory This self will surrender to cosmic ways Congregation of blissful energy lures the soul Want to quench my thirst … Continue reading Veil of Anonymity

Secret of the Smile

The universe cannot wipe off the wry smile An irised landscape isn’t colorful enough for us Painting the world with many unnatural hues Defacing the natural graffiti, a masterpiece Mystical symphonies aren’t audible to us Jarring noises send shockwaves of unnatural euphoria We believe we are the custodians of this paradise Universe is regaled by such preposterous thoughts Wry smile on its face narrates a different dimension … Continue reading Secret of the Smile

Differences over Reality

When lines are drawn between ‘My Reality’ vs ‘Your Reality’, we forget that there is a deep chasm that reflects the disconnect between the actual philosophy of Life and how humans have developed a philosophy of their own, which is contradictory to reality and essence of Life.  Self-realization is the first step to comprehend Life in entirety.  ~Amitav Continue reading Differences over Reality