Revelation of the Morning

Morning walks meditatively in crimson attire With every step, the robe reflects a lighter shade Settling for spiritual orange, reverberating Divine mantra Sun has a calm demeanor, showing gratitude For being bestowed with immense energy and power To illuminate the entire paradise and give hope to Life Magnanimity is the essence of cosmic powers Deeply blessing even the smallest of life here Pure passion to … Continue reading Revelation of the Morning

Lack of Equilibrium and Contemplations

The ambivalence of mind and existence Creates two extremes- of surrender and mutiny Highly volatile phases followed by submissive calm Many pseudo-philosophies have been postulated To distract the mind towards haphazard directions Each, leading towards a cul-de-sac Men and women, leading their children Everyone following the path of uncertain journey Of unknown consequences, this world turns tumultuous There is no sense of calm, minds influenced … Continue reading Lack of Equilibrium and Contemplations