Lack of Equilibrium and Contemplations

The ambivalence of mind and existence

Creates two extremes- of surrender and mutiny

Highly volatile phases followed by submissive calm

Many pseudo-philosophies have been postulated

To distract the mind towards haphazard directions

Each, leading towards a cul-de-sac

Men and women, leading their children

Everyone following the path of uncertain journey

Of unknown consequences, this world turns tumultuous

There is no sense of calm, minds influenced with ideas

Random ones, brewing with insipid flavors

Life tastes bland, urging souls to tread dangerous paths

Many chronicled lies perceived to be the Truth

Few have gathered the wisdom to drift away

From the path of pandemonium and the crowd

Asking questions along their reclusive journey

Looked at with askance, undeterred, these souls meditate

To ponder over the universe’s truth and realms of opulence

In solitude, they have found the ultimate satisfaction

There are no ambiguity and distractions in this journey©

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