Revelation of the Morning

Morning walks meditatively in crimson attire

With every step, the robe reflects a lighter shade

Settling for spiritual orange, reverberating Divine mantra

Sun has a calm demeanor, showing gratitude

For being bestowed with immense energy and power

To illuminate the entire paradise and give hope to Life

Magnanimity is the essence of cosmic powers

Deeply blessing even the smallest of life here

Pure passion to transform the environment

With every blessing of the morning hermit, life smiles

From the infinite world, the mantra of Life is sprinkled

To flower and unfurl the ecstatic aromas

The inner paradise joins the revelry

Replicating the essence of divinity and absorbing the positivity

Every drop of morning Light permeates the Self

Eternal bliss travels across to rejuvenate the existence

Morning says, “The first mantra of life is patience.”©

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