Ways of Life

There are contrived motions through Life Tired souls cannot strive anymore to reach the peak There’s dream to acquire anything Life has to offer Dreams being sold, for which we pay a high price Agitated state of Time enwraps the souls in shrapnel Every movement dents the Life with wounds Draining the energy of Life causing a lethargic reality Life, packaged as a merchandise, a costly … Continue reading Ways of Life

Phantom of Love

A soul that pursues the phantom of Love An unknown silhouette entices in mysterious ways Credulous soul captures the apparition in imagination Ephemeral desire impels the heart to follow a masked persona Heart under a spell weaves a world of manipulated feelings Along the purlieu of a forbidden territory, nimble feet tread Waiting to surrender to the desires of the phantom Moment’s indulgence draws the … Continue reading Phantom of Love

Solemn Space

A solemn space suspended  Between exalted pillars of consciousness Forgotten memories and concept of Time Wandering through the Arcadian wilderness Dreams of Antiquity linger above like clouds Knowledge descended here from Kolob  Through the labyrinth of Celestial time Souls recite hymns in an ancient language A remote world blessed with eternal beauty Chantings reverberates through infinite rooms Purifying the senses of chosen travelers Mountains of … Continue reading Solemn Space