Life’s Fashion

We fashion our thoughts, beliefs, and attitude towards life according to the most dominant trends. In the process, we forget that we have cloaked our heart and soul which prevents us from viewing the world with our true vision and feelings.   Fashions change and transform the social milieu every other day, but do not forget to see through the embellishments and seek the truth with a … Continue reading Life’s Fashion

Glorious Life

You have successfully arrived in life and can journey with confidence, the day you have learnt to, with dignity, remain calm and positive against the barrage of unnecessary sarcasm, criticism, rejection and being ignored by the ignorant people.   It takes strong will, determination, and true education to deal with such commonplace and cliched behaviour. If you are on the right path, you will achieve … Continue reading Glorious Life

Of Life and Events

Every thought birthed from life’s understanding Slowly, as you create your own philosophy The actions will determine the karma Amongst the mindless and conceited (in) actions Rushing to tread on a path without a vision Entire world moving to and fro with busyness Only wisdom knows, from stillness is birthed patience The mind is prepared to assimilate right knowledge Do not run without an agenda … Continue reading Of Life and Events

The Alternative Way

Trying to design an alternative life A daring dream to emulate the paragon Believing in the ambition of ‘things’ Only glory, of being successful in ‘acquiring’ Of descending aspirations and concave dreams Sincerely pursuing the fabricated labyrinths Depleted of the life’s energy and soul Turning hostile at each other every day Cities and towns resemble arrogant stereotypes Mechanical way of journeying through life Nothing of … Continue reading The Alternative Way

Of Dreams and Freedom

It’s that time of the day When the daylight starts dimming Weighing in on the horizon A sombre mood sets in  Calling for the birds to fly back Empty nests are waiting their return Flying in V-shaped formations Writing upon the firmament Day’s experience with victorious symbolism Flight of the spirited souls bring joy Life’s motif etched by the messengers Before the day rests for long … Continue reading Of Dreams and Freedom

Benevolent Night

The night does justice to the stars and meteors Providing the perfect backdrop for them to illuminate Night sky becomes gorgeous with magical extravaganza Only the brightest souls shine eternally during the night Exuberance waits with patience for the daylights to wane Night becomes the time for entire cosmic celebration Every shining light of nature reflects a euphoric soul Night dwellers sacrifice sleep to join … Continue reading Benevolent Night

You and your Other Self

Life comes with challenges. The biggest challenge is to confront the alter-ego on a daily basis. When society wants you to be in multiple roles, depending upon the demands of social culture and transforming milieu, you have to come to an understanding to join hands with the alter-ego to try and live up to the roles. Doing justice to every role is a difficult option … Continue reading You and your Other Self