Night Arrives

Night arrives stealthily With glint in its eyes And a beautiful crescent smile The air has a mystical fervor Dancing silhouettes rejoice the beauty Eyes sparkle with eternal joy As night embraces the soul with passion Extravagant display of the galaxies Lighting up the sky with magical glow Shake off the inhibitions, live freedom Inhale the freshness and aroma Open your arms to embrace the world … Continue reading Night Arrives


Walk; walk away from everything That you experience, is hindering your progress Vision, reacting to the conflicting reflections Blinding lights bouncing off precarious objects This commotion is a crevasse, will draw you deeper Among the strewn desires, soul will lose itself Before you realize, you will be obscurity personified Trying to hold on to the spectre; all parallels Will never culminate in a meaningful union … Continue reading Walk

Desires of a Simple Soul

The simple soul desires to travel yonder When the first rays tickle the curtains and make then laugh An enigmatic color fills each pore of the fabrics Streaming through, the divine light, like happy flowing brook  Sparkling freshness bathes the unassuming soul Dreaming of a travel across the wilderness and beyond First light brings the message of hope and pave the path Caressing the nature’s … Continue reading Desires of a Simple Soul