The Fate of a Journey

The unborn, the immaculate soul Already conceived in the universe’s womb From sublime consciousness, it will journey To fulfill the wishes of the mortal world Life’s essence is in stillness, untouched by Time Here, only for a purpose; one who seeks to realize Or, wish to exist at the peripheral level of consciousness Imitating and learning, the easiest path Many falsely proposed hypotheses forms the … Continue reading The Fate of a Journey


Immersed in the subliminal world Life starts to rotate in concentric circles The existing realities become irrelevant A centre formed of multiple universes Pulsating waves emanating from the core To cleanse the soul of distorted knowledge Now, entering the fluid realm of existence Floating through for some time, state of bliss Then sinking; freefall towards nothingness There is only one Eye, with a sharp vision Perception … Continue reading Life

Tribute to Love

The ink still strives to convey love Express the true feelings of the heart An inner world illuminated forever Words struggle to write the suitable tribute Silence articulates the feeling from every facet Eyes sparkle with clarity and complete devotion The aura reflects the true colors of Love Souls will dwell in the eternal abode An eternal journey of togetherness begins Worthy love takes a … Continue reading Tribute to Love