The Fate of a Journey

The unborn, the immaculate soul

Already conceived in the universe’s womb

From sublime consciousness, it will journey

To fulfill the wishes of the mortal world

Life’s essence is in stillness, untouched by Time

Here, only for a purpose; one who seeks to realize

Or, wish to exist at the peripheral level of consciousness

Imitating and learning, the easiest path

Many falsely proposed hypotheses forms the foundation

Of knowledge that we try to memorize

Original fate in a supine position remains unawakened

Every action of the somnambulist’s nature

Triggered consequences from the artificial information

Among the crowd, trying to blend in

Similarity- even life’s mirror fails to recognize the reflection

A thinking and eternal mind confined in a defined space

Manufactured emotions and feelings cannot feel the Soul

Life’s immortality is overlooked to rush through the crowd©


17 thoughts on “The Fate of a Journey

  1. Life isn’t about the rush hour, it’s about the moments when time comes to a standstill. People have metamorphosed into racehorses as they fervently make it to the prize awaiting an upheaval of sorts. I rather stop and marvel at the little things like the music that exists all around us: the rustle of leaves, the splash of a puddle, the laughter of infants, the birdsong etc. I have always been whimsical when it comes to life as all that matters is really living in the moment rather than just existing.

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    1. We have to unravel the true essence of Life and find happiness by being more aligned to it’s Nature. We acquire many thoughts and knowledge which are contrary to the true tenets, thus jeopardizing the existence. We are acquiring more clutter and complicating our life.

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      1. Beating around the bush and running around in circles has been an inherent part of human nature. It’s extremely unfortunate that we bear down our fallout on the very grounds of our existence, a beautiful place called earth. All that unnecessary clutter has clobbered our individuality and ruined the cause of “live and let live”. We should strive for a better future , not through the bidding of a wordsmith but through the hands of a sculptor.


      2. To each his own. Every individual has an important role to play , whether devious or glorious is decided by their own actions. I value every opportunity to witness carefully curated creations and appreciate the extraordinary talent hidden in their depths.


      3. Do you deny the role of good literature and the words of philosophers and seers? I don’t think anyone denies their importance in shaping the minds and to disseminate knowledge. I am not speaking of karma here, that a separate realm altogether.

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      4. I would never deny the omnipotence of words. They’re omnipresent when it comes to our existence because they’re just not realized in literature but set deep in our thoughts as they infuse our voices with meaning. I get a little carried off with my words too but please don’t get me wrong.


      5. I am not talking about any literature here. Only the omnipresent knowledge that is recognized by the conscious minds narrated through literature. I do not deny that our soul does carry knowledge, but it is not possible to unlock that treasure without complete self-realization. Consciousness is not what we see or hear everyday. Our perceptions can be wrong because the reality is distorted.

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      6. Distorted reality is the bane of our existence. Every soul has a different touch and unravels the truth on different levels. I am constantly moved by literature and your poem is proof enough. You have written with sincerity and I hold that in high regard.You have very generously given me something to think about.


      7. These aspects are to be explored with much patience and it takes time to ponder upon. I write what inspires my soul. I appreciate a good debate and yes by exchanging knowledge we learn a lot and also gives the mind few clues to think about. Thank you for sharing your perspectives.

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      8. Indeed. I am always open to debates and the challenge that it poses on our structured thought processes.The mind works in an intriguing fashion and I savour opportunities to expand my horizon of knowledge. Thank you so much for that.😊😊😊


      9. Anytime. I think such topics are not really discussed or the world has become unnecessarily busy (i see lot of mobility, but inaction too). We forget the importance of our mind, the consciousness and the purpose of this journey. 🙂

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      10. Chaos of the chase has rewritten our paths with sheer ignorance of good old conversations. People do talk but they hardly speak up and initiate endearing topics of discussions. Such topics can steer the wind of change in the right direction. Let’s keep the conversation going and the words of wisdom flowing.


      11. Very true. Most of the conversations are about the many distractions that life has presented us with. But let me tell you, even if such discussions on wisdom do not find mass appeal, they will always be present. They are eternal.

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