Facing the Reflection

Willingly bequeath the sincere thoughts

When you confront the self in the mirror

The reflection will stare at you in askance

Vignettes of memories will flash before the eyes

While the heart shall recite the past narratives

Choices that led to undesirable consequences

The feeble walls cannot contain the disdains

Running away from the reflection is futile

Reliving every moment of the life that was

The soul casts aspersions on the journey 

Every single persona surrounds the present

Masquerading eloquently to persuade the gullible

Now you cannot deny their unwanted presence

Life seeks retribution after the unbiased trial©

One thought on “Facing the Reflection

  1. Creative and eloquent 😊😊😊 I do agree that it takes undeniable courage to show our true selves and take pride in the fact that our reflection bears semblance with our soul.All I see around me are the masks that people wear to cover up their faults rather than embracing them.

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