Sky is not at Fault

It is our fault that we do not look at the skies more often. When the sky is free and fair, with freedom written on every particle, here we are jostling for space and even trying to nudge out the less fortunate ones to win a competition. Yes, that’s what we have transformed the otherwise magnanimous philosophy of Life.

We love being crowded with anxious thoughts and weaving a mesh of meaningless thoughts which go off at a tangent and ricochet to impale our minds further. We have become used to the hustle and bustle and do not have any desire to even admire the canopy of freedom above our head.

The sky is the epitome of freedom and it represents the eternal space that our minds can be, at any given time. Time, not the illusionary time which compels us to hasten through life. Our vision seems to hurt and blur from the exceptional brightness as our eyes are more attuned to the artificial lights.

Artificiality has permeated through every layer of our existence and we see adulteration as a reality. We concentrate and conform as we have been instructed to, by the modern knowledge devised between four walls and limit our thinking capabilities.

We have been compelled to appreciate this life of design rather than appreciate and realize the natural wonders. We walk into a cul-de-sac in every phase of our life.

We now have the ability to construct a virtual wall and shut off the true knowledge and the directions that can take us to greater heights. Our soul had the desire to, but we have evoked the false desires and wasting our energy to fulfill such dreams.

There’s so much space for us to journey through life, and yet, we have restructured the plan to walk through a concrete tunnel with many meandering paths where we can get lost and disoriented. We cannot reach the entire dimension of this paradise and we suppress the dream to experience true freedom.

We rarely seek divine intervention and look up at the sky when we are in despair or those rare moments when we get some time to admire the stars at night. The world that remains neglected and remembered selectively will always remain an enigma.

We have not comprehended the true meaning of freedom and weighed down by our limited imaginations. We are yet to explore our soul and the immense possibilities that we have in this journey. We are barely trudging along, expending our energy on useless pursuits.

We have created a world of mirrors to give the illusion of space, but in reality, we are holed up in a cramped space reflecting our forlorn persona and inner struggles.

In an endeavor to plan a modern world we have become aggressively enthusiastic and lost our sense of beauty and creation. We are leaving behind more debris, defaced structures and technologies that are disruptive.

We are unaware that we have been held captive by our creations and are actually weak manifestations of our limited thinking. We reiterate, ‘sky is not the limit’, but we have restricted our movement and development, confined in the biased minds, losing our vision to explore the sky with positive dreams.

10 thoughts on “Sky is not at Fault

  1. This piece is particularly amazing because of its utter truthfulness!!! 🙂
    How very little importance do we attach to the truly magical powers of the sky!
    Mistaking “miracles” for something “out of this world”, we forget that the real magic lies in the most trivial things of this very world of which we are a part.

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  2. I absolutely love your writing! You are a kindred spirit. It fills your being with so much joy when the notes strike a chord in the essense.

    Liked by 1 person

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