The Night will Reveal

The night spirals to nothingness

An ethereal world opens its door

Every speck of consciousness is alert

Fibers of light connect with every node

Communicating to summarize existence

From nothingness, awakened particles travel

To enter into the mortal realm

Encode the messages from the consciousness

A superficial world waits to awaken

Engineered from the weakest phases of mind

Judgmental error on nature’s foundation 

Night’s leisure will help the mind to retire

From nothingness will dawn the ultimate awakening

Birthed from stillness is the real knowledge©

5 thoughts on “The Night will Reveal

  1. i thought tis poem was very insightful and uplifting , it reminds me of the emptyiness i write of only , now realizing this nightmare were living is well , lonely and us writers are keen expressing that and i thank you for today for helping me feel less bad about the truth, fore words are more wonderful then i declare.

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    1. Thank you so much. Solitude is important for writers, not to feel the loneliness but step back and have a more in-depth look at life and it’s philosophies. After sometime a writer enjoys being alone but surrounded by words and writings.


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