It’s Your Choice

You can dream of a future, but you cannot escape the fate of ‘now’. Your present depends on the past actions and you are simply experiencing the consequences (positive/negative).

You may want to manipulate the present, believing, that one subtle act of incongruence will go unnoticed, but that’s not the case with life. The universe chronicles every little thought and decides on the fate, depending upon the gravity of the actions.

You may be defiant and also not answerable to anyone around you (loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and others) and use this belligerent attitude to push your way through any resistance to avoid any further investigation.

That’s the route taken by the dolts who are high on pseudo power. In fact, such examples are the weakest ones and are afraid to face the self and life. They forget, they cannot run away from the reality and the consequences of the actions.

It is common knowledge that an individual wants to justify an act of defiance by evoking the Supreme power and that it was an act of providence, over which they had no control; thinking, they will be absolved of the consequences.

The truth is, one cannot escape the tenets of Life and the eternal journey, through which one has to live the judgment pronounced by the cosmic consciousness. Life chooses you for a reason and a purpose. Every life, with a soul carrying the experience of the universe, is answerable for any action.

Your dreams are the harbinger of the type of future you will experience. Here, future may be the immediate one or the one that awaits your presence in the distant realm.

When you negate Time and immerse yourself in the eternal journey, you will realize that Life is a seamless existence and your conduct (based on the knowledge and consciousness) decides the course of the journey.

You have the power to discourse with the omnipresent energy to seek in the right direction. In fact, there is no particular direction it’s the realization of the infinite facets of consciousness and every particle of the universe hold some knowledge.

The way you treat Life also decides your fate. If you are sincere and truthful, living life without the malicious intent and not seeking to adulterate the purity of Life with fraudulent and destructive thoughts, you will be blessed with positive Life around you.

You will experience blissful existence and happiness from within because of contentment. Such life will bring a divine radiance which can illuminate the life of many.

Due to the interconnectedness of consciousness, negative acts perpetrated by other individuals can act like a domino effect. If you want to fortify yourself from the downfall and stand strong against such an onslaught, you have to believe in the ways of the soul and gain from the ancient knowledge that’s within you. When you are with the universe, cosmic forces will be benevolent and protect you from the misdemeanor of others.

It is important not to harbor retrograde ideas of Life and if required take a decision to walk the solitary path. Walk away from negativity if you fail to transform the situation.

Do not conform to the hysterical stupidity and choose a solitary journey, which will be arduous, but you will be walking towards a bright and rewarding future. You will be traveling without the unnecessary burdens of negativity and a life of simplicity will shine brighter, forever.

You are responsible for handing over the right knowledge to the future generation and directly or indirectly you will shape their minds. Be a beacon of love, hope, and gratitude.

Choose to be a positive influence and use your consciousness to build a happy and healthy future. Life chooses you and entrusts you to make the choices and tests your true intentions. Always remember future waits for you.

12 thoughts on “It’s Your Choice

  1. Very beautifully written! Wow!
    I’m beginning to see for me that by embracing all of me, both the positive and negative, I’m being set free. Getting to “the ancient knowledge” like you said is key. You have an incredible gift of articulating deep truths in a manner which evoke tremendous reverence for the best of what it means to be human!

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  2. I loved the piece😊😊😊 Beautifully expressed and there is such pure emotion evoked wherein you mention to be a “beacon of love,hope and gratitude.” Personally, I do believe that walking away from negativity is a fulfilling experience in itself.Being positive has always been gratifying😊😊😊 Thanks for such a wonderful piece which reminds us the importance of positive influence in life.

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