Reality gets Pushed Aside

It’s a worrying sign for society when there is a lukewarm response to reality and truth compared to the mass hysteria that is believed and followed mindlessly. Mass consciousness is so easily coerced to the alternate and fabricated reality and hasty decisions lead to undesirable consequences. When faced with difficulties and adverse situations and even humanitarian crisis, many are uprooted, leaving them without an identity; … Continue reading Reality gets Pushed Aside

At the End of the Day

Reluctant rays at the day’s end Still playful, wanting to stay little longer Flirt with the reflections in the water Every subtle ripple creates a sparkling display Trees sway in a cheerful mood Waving their branches at the bonnie face Glowing with Divine innocence and purity At the end of the day, a reluctant goodbye Before the mother’s embrace comforts her child Evening gets precedence … Continue reading At the End of the Day

All for Love

Let’s transform a feeling For convenience, name it Love Make it more ephemeral Give many definitions Make Love more promiscuous  Contrary to the true essence None asked the Soul Before painting it with colors A feeling resembles a graffiti Whimsical minds, surreal moments Walks in and out of Love Create many escape routes To entrap an innocent feeling In the intricate manipulations Feels trapped and helpless … Continue reading All for Love

Drop of Life

A drop of Life permeates  To create the sacred aquifer Fluidity of the existence Permeates through every layer Dissolving the consciousness To prepare the Divine potion Quench the thirst for knowledge A serene presence of Life Stillness is the eternal crucible Take a dip to purify the Self Feel the cohesive bond of Nature Every drop holds cosmic mantra Life flows through landscapes Connecting the … Continue reading Drop of Life