All for Love

Let’s transform a feeling

For convenience, name it Love

Make it more ephemeral

Give many definitions

Make Love more promiscuous 

Contrary to the true essence

None asked the Soul

Before painting it with colors

A feeling resembles a graffiti

Whimsical minds, surreal moments

Walks in and out of Love

Create many escape routes

To entrap an innocent feeling

In the intricate manipulations

Feels trapped and helpless

Humanity’s retracted mind

The heart’s hollowness

Depraves the will to truly feel, Love©

3 thoughts on “All for Love

  1. “Quality was just fine. The real patient on the table was analysis itself. ”
    -Zenith and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

    I think the same applies to love.
    Feeling and unable to articulate no problem.
    All the finesse of language and no feeling, big problem. Feeling and articulating, now we’re talking!


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