Reality gets Pushed Aside

It’s a worrying sign for society when there is a lukewarm response to reality and truth compared to the mass hysteria that is believed and followed mindlessly.

Mass consciousness is so easily coerced to the alternate and fabricated reality and hasty decisions lead to undesirable consequences.

When faced with difficulties and adverse situations and even humanitarian crisis, many are uprooted, leaving them without an identity; which leads to an identity crisis and the will to look at life positively.

It’s our inadequate education which forces us to accept everything that is being thrown at us, which increases our indecisiveness and be a passive follower of sinister ideologies.

Non- conformity may be perceived as iconoclasm by sections of the society who feel threatened that their true identity will be revealed and their carefully fabricated persona will expose the hideous plans.

Many start an argument based on these false ideologies and tries to thrust their pseudo-intellectual ideas to everyone. The weakness of character and gullibility is making society more vulnerable.

Individuality does not mean selfishness. Being a part of humanity and warring against each other is a stupid idea which is not a new phenomenon.

Lack of self-realization and consciousness is a major impediment to understanding life and being compassionate to realities of life and to be able to see through the web of lies presented to us on a daily basis.

You cannot stand up against the onslaught if you wish to remain mired in indecisiveness and wrong choices. Life has many positive things to offer and more importantly, humanity should be respected and there should be a will to strengthen the ties between different cultures.

We are shrinking our world and getting caught up with many problems such has violent outbursts, mental illnesses, and other behavioral issues because of faulty societal premises. We are losing focus on the positive side of life and dwelling on the negative side.

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