Journey with a Writer

A writer travels to many destinations, never stopping at one for a long time. This journey is immense; the wanderlust heart wants to seek and explore as much as possible because there is an insatiable desire from the imaginative mind.

The mind craves for new experiences and inspiration from the most unlikely places. Imagination can travel through any barrier and go beyond this entire reality, to seek the eternal. Not every eye can vision the universe like the creative mind.

The eye of the writer is the focal point, exploring the myriad unknown hues of life and deliberately chooses the nondescript paths, which leads to some exciting destinations. A journey like this is never-ending and it is the eternal strength of the mind and soul which allows the writer to journey without any distractions and infinite energy.

A writer is never in a hurry, almost like the hermit in a meditative and trance-like state, immersed in the sea of deep consciousness. Here, the various dimensions of consciousness flow from various tributaries to meet. This pace of existence is contrary to the usual pace of life, as devised by human ambitions.

Every fleeting moment captivates the writer’s mind and the eyes get a new pair of looking glass which reflects the world from different perspectives. The sedentary approach and the rather slow pace of life are mistaken by the world which is in a pursuit which runs in another trajectory.

The mind of the writer is an enigma and the conversations they wish to engage in proposed philosophies which have to be comprehended slowly, with an open mind. They delve deeper into every facet of life- the visible and the omnipresent. An open mind and a benevolent heart add extra finesse to the unbiased philosophy of existence.

To express the gathered valuable knowledge eloquently, the writer has to let the pen and ink to bond cohesively and treat it as an extension of the body. It’s a pure bond which conveys the purely distilled ideas from the mind and soul from the heart.

The blank pages will be the final destination from where the reader’s can take off to an unusual and exhilarating journey. A journey, giving a glimpse of the worlds that would otherwise have remained unexplored by many.

9 thoughts on “Journey with a Writer

  1. You write with elan and every word of yours exudes confidence. No amount of adulation would be enough for this soul-stirring artwork. Thank you so much for the wonderful revelation that writers can leave behind impressions, at times lasting just like your style of writing.Keep going and cheers to your efforts😊😊😊

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