If we Wish to Know

Profound inferences about the existence evolve from a blank canvas. There are a lot of ambiguities when the mind vacillates between the strongly defined phases in life, the ‘known’ and ‘unknown’.

When the ‘known’ or existing knowledge interferes with the unbiased progress towards the so-called ‘unknown’, we shall come up with explanations that best seems logical to our mind, which is under duress to come up with some explanation.

Based on a pre-defined premise of argument you can only reach that far and not what lies beyond. Our mind misses the crucial signs and clues from the universe because we have already anticipated the type of ‘unknown’.

We have to widen the scope of our deduction as we are dealing with something which is eternal (as we define it) or the vast spaces which are yet to be explored.

We are too occupied with what we know and get into an argument trying to prove each other wrong, instead of diligently focusing on the blank canvas long enough. The answers and possibilities, even the pure ideas will be birthed from such a state.

The unknown (as we believe) is a reflection of our incomplete knowledge and a strong projection of the mind that is confused with many suggestions and arguments.

Let go of the theories and hypotheses and do not allow the mind to travel through a confined tunnel, hoping to discover light. We are bound and limited by the concept of Time and wish to arrive at a pre-determined destination which we define as ‘unknown.

When the mind is free and we negate the existing realities, or as our half-awakened senses have perceived existence for us till now, we will be able to transcend the make-belief world and arrive at a much authentic and pure knowledge about the exactness of this vast space.

Yes, such philosophies may seem preposterous, but there are more possibilities out there than to be bound by the limitations and not try to explore. The mind works better when it is free from prejudices.

24 thoughts on “If we Wish to Know

  1. Nice one!👍
    I love your explanation in the context of not restricting ourselves and our thought process inside that tunnel for the sake of a ray of light when the entire universe is available to explore the possibilities of the known and the unknown.

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, you have interpreted it aptly. Philosophy and to be in this journey of seeking is eternal and one has to think outside the set premises, if one really wishes to understand life and the universe. One has to be unconventional in his/her thinking.

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      1. One good thing about this philosophy is that in the search of discovering the infinite possibilities and capabilities of the human mind and the the innumerable dimensions of this vast universe, I feel, it is somewhere in between these unexplored paths of our journey that we indeed find our own self and our purpose in this life. I would be grateful if you would add certain views of your own to complete this unfinished thought within my mind.😀

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      2. You have encapsulated pretty much the important tenets of this journey. One cannot wish to learn about philosophy from merely reading the greats. Their work is the guidance but we have to prepare ourselves to delve deeper into the aspects of various dimensions. Remember, the cosmic realm and the universe is changing constantly, so we have to constantly update ourselves or align with the cosmic vibes. Patience and the willingness to learn should be the key.

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      3. First question, very difficult to answer as it depends on mass karmic effect and also a plan which we are not sure of (that is my interpretation). Aligning with the universe comes with self-realization, then you realize the purpose and also as you are born of the universe you will realize the immense potential. I don’t know if you will be satisfied with my replies. 🙂


      4. Satisfaction is subjective. Not getting an accurate answer is a very good thing.
        And regarding this topic, it is indeed great if we are not content or else it thirst for the discoveries of the hidden truths in the darkness of the unknown would come to an end.

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  2. Careful not to creep into skepticism; I agree with you, but are you proposing that using the known corrupts or inhibits the unknown or knowing that unknown? And I’m surprised there aren’t any comments.

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    1. First, you have used the word ‘skepticism’. Do you know the etymology of this word? Le met tell you- Greek skeptikos> Followers of Pyrrho(Greek philosopher (being a student of philosophy you must have heard of him) means ‘inquiring’ or ‘reflective’.

      Another philosophy ‘Skeptic does not mean him who doubts, but him who investigates or researches as opposed to him who asserts and thinks that he has found.’ ~Miguel de Unamuno

      Now, did you read the first line of this write and analyzed it enough? Why don’t you give this article another reading if you wish to and then tell me what you think.

      In this world and in the current context of reality, there will be agreement or opposition; depending upon the reality the mind perceives. As for the Ultimate reality, and to even get closer to it, again refer to my first sentence.

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      1. I hope you are not misinterpreting my comment as some sort of insinuation. Still, your sentiments seem to be unfounded (with certain premises deduction may in fact be sufficient for “inferring the profound”) and misguided (you explain little about the other route to “knowing the unknown”).

        Although I appreciate your initiative to educate me on skepticism’s etymology, such weight given, I am inclined to think that a word’s origin has no place if it is obsolete.

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      2. I am not misinterpreting anything. And yes nothing is obsolete as far as knowing is concerned. Philosophy requires you to delve deeper and away from the existing methodologies. How do you deduce this reality? What’s your premise and path? You cannot choose a new path if you keep walking on the existing ones.

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