(Un) Familiar Reflection

The reflection in the mirror Looks so unfamiliar Distanced soul is an inquirer What’s behind the reflection? Life requires introspection Extend the hand to touch And embrace the soul Mirroring the realities of life Portraying a journey of strife Banal narratives to communicate The mind does hallucinate© Continue reading (Un) Familiar Reflection

A Mind and its Fate

When the mind leaps out of the head Following the alluring alleys of life Ecstatic, in a state of stupor, feels freedom A pseudo-world created with realities Grand designs, with glamorous appearance A perfect stage, to enact as scripted  Holding the hands of temptations, a surrender To the unknown plan to reach a cul-de-sac Till then the mind can run amok Leaving the inner world … Continue reading A Mind and its Fate