It’s Consciousness

If we are conscious Let’s assimilate all the dimensions It’s not only a human aspect But the consciousness of any life We cannot be partial When trying to comprehend an origin Birthed from the One consciousness Much more than perception Exceeding our comprehension It’s an experience  When the mind is awakened Pulsating with cosmic energy The self is an incarnation  With many experiences Converging into … Continue reading It’s Consciousness

Life’s Philosophy

The independent study of the philosophy of Life will lead to many unconventional ideas and theories; when proposed, will be met with criticism, disdain, and outright rejection. Only such unorthodox ideas will be a beacon to obliterate such resistance born out of a philosophy of conformity. To define the premise of Life’s philosophy is constricting the scope of life itself. Critical thinking is the key to … Continue reading Life’s Philosophy

When Writing is Analyzed

One cannot be sure that the emotions which are birthed with the integrity of the soul, and articulated from the consciousness will be given the same importance and carry the exact elucidation after transference. Such pure emotions have to be written down, with the emphasis to keep them intact and save them from distortion. The choice and usage of words and vocabulary also play an important role in … Continue reading When Writing is Analyzed

With the Night

The night has more prudence Exudes intimacy  Compared to the day’s exuberance Fleeting past with many experiences So many feelings go unheard The Self gets lost in broad daylight You become one among the crowd Tired feet, yet, your life seems stationary Day revolves around you A flurry of drama and characters Night walks in with calmness To listen to the heart’s cathartic outpour The … Continue reading With the Night