The Photographs

The best photographs are captured in the mind. We say, ‘capture’ not in a negative aspect but which has a connotation exceeding the photographic stillness.


To the eyes, the photographs, when in print will be motionless and with time have a sepia colored hue as time tries to claim the beautiful memories.


Whereas, in the mind, the same photographs get a new lease of life and gets a new reality. The mind breathes life into the photos, with emotions and imaginations.


The photograph becomes much more than just an image and there is an entire world which is created. The character and place are synced with vivid imaginations. It is as if, the mind has captured the true vibrations and aura of a person or a place.

2 thoughts on “The Photographs

  1. Photographs are my most treasured collections of memories. When strung together they remind us of moments and the emotions we felt in those moments. Happiness or sadness..We are reminded in a glimpse of it. Kudos to capturing the beauty of it all in your piece.😊😊😊 You should listen to this song Photograph by Ed Sheeran, it’s one of my favourites and your piece reminded me of the lyrics.


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