To Life

Life, experienced in every heartbeat Beauty of the creation revealed every day Realization of the unseen dimensions Traveling with the circles of consciousness Life, timeless, an eternal cycle The soul arises with the touch of cosmic blessing Experiencing the power of love and immortality A spiritual calm heals the inner world Journeying through the supernal realms Infiniteness of life expresses the universe’s desire To continue … Continue reading To Life

Morning is Here

Morning is here Nudging the night away A soul has dreamt for long Travelling many dreamlands Journeying through possibilities The Sun can’t wait To wake up the traveler Eager to listen to the stories The Sun aglow with mirth  Cajoling the heavy eyelids To let the eyes glance outside Narrate the dreams at leisure Sunrays tickle the soul Bathes the body with contentment Morning air … Continue reading Morning is Here

A Messenger’s Life

Birthed are the feelings From Nature’s womb Ideas that flew From unattainable spheres Divine gestation nurtured the words Raising the passion for life An indomitable Spirit is born Messenger,  to alleviate problems Fearless ink that flows with vigor Chronicling the emphatic lessons Neath the universe’s grace Feelings will join the mythical rivers For every season, till eternity Abundance of knowledge everywhere To quench thirst of … Continue reading A Messenger’s Life