The Pertinent Problem

Leadership is not about egotistical pursuits. True leaders show the path as a guiding light, with gratitude.~ Amitav

We have neglected the problems and ills of society for too long. We have always been, as a society, looked for superficial remedies for any problem(s). In fact, we have entrusted the reins of the society to doubtful leaders, who are groomed and supported for the role. In any field today, we see monumental failures called ‘leaders’. They are image conscious and carefully present themselves as brands and not someone who can empower the society.

The problem is that they are the products of the same dysfunctional society and do not have the vision and acumen to connect with people at an emotional level. Globally, there is trust deficit against any leader, be it in any field. We do not have competent people who can be chosen with a comprehensible majority. Too many bickering and factionalism creates an environment of anarchy and doubts. Such negative ideologies have permeated deep, into every section of society, which has weakened the valued bonds.

Leaders, who can steer the society towards a secure and prosperous future are missing. In any profession today, people are being made to comply with the orders. There is no scope for discussion and inherent weakness of character makes one vulnerable. We have gone too far with the ‘manufacture’ ideology. We are manufacturing people to spearhead, who are not competent enough. It’s time we realize the rhetoric and symbolism.

3 thoughts on “The Pertinent Problem

  1. I can definitely see the problem you point to here, but I would ask, “Is the solution different leaders, or using the innate leadership inside that we are offloading onto incompetent figureheads at present?”


    1. I cannot see the natural leadership qualities. As I said in this piece, leaders cannot be groomed or presented as brands and also education (that helps one gain foresight and humaneness) is lacking. The idea of empowerment is missing because weak characters cannot be comfortable with the idea of an informed society, as they will ask questions about the policies and decisions. So, we have lost the innate leadership qualities. Mediocrity comes from conformity.


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