Artist and Creativity- The Unknown World

There are multiple personas of an artist. It is an effort by the artist to genuinely characterize the different dimensions of knowledge, with aspects of creativity woven around them; to make them more acceptable to the art enthusiasts.

The artist has to communicate a dreary and atypical subject of philosophy and also the inspirations that do not dwell on the popular premises of knowledge communicated every day.

Creativity, in various forms or genres, manifests these exclusive ideas. Any creative form has to be interpreted at leisure and it is advisable to revisit them more than once to decipher, or even come closer to the original inspiration that the artist has tried to convey.

Here, time plays an important role in preparing the mind for the different phases of consciousness to see the kaleidoscopic avatar of any art. Colors, literal and also the ones painted with eloquent words.

An artist, inspired from the world of metaphysical, often delves deeper into the question, ‘What is the nature of reality?’ Nature does hold the ‘reality’ and although the exact nature of the theory of existence is still elusive, the artist has to widen the scope of imagination and stimulate the mind by meditation to reach the closest possible realms of consciousness.

The entire oeuvre of the artist may have a common theme, from which they will branch out to various other representations, based on the clues and answers that the creative mind has been able to gather.

Every work of Art has some ‘logic’ and they have to be pursued with an open mind by critiques and art enthusiasts. The can be discussed, based on the ‘inferences and demonstrations’.

Any work of Art will stimulate the mind to apply ‘good reasoning’ and investigate further; beyond the creative canvas.

Any genre of Art makes a ‘bold statement’, as they do not represent the colloquial notions. Logic involves a combination of ‘induction’ and then ‘deduction’; traveling from one point to another by applying a generalization, to make the end result easier to comprehend.

Creativity is also an effective and persuasive means composed to propagate the original ideas or philosophy to genuine enthusiasts.

‘Philosophy of Creativity’ is a subject that requires patience and a progressive mind, which is ready to venture into the unexplored realms of consciousness.

Art is the confluence, where ‘existence’ and ‘consciousness’ meet with the relentless effort from the artist’s ‘mind’ to explain the ‘matter’ of the consciousness, in the context of the metaphysical. Through these efforts, the many personas of the artist (s) become more pronounced and the myriad works of art gains acceptance.

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