You and your Other Self

Life comes with challenges. The biggest challenge is to confront the alter-ego on a daily basis. When society wants you to be in multiple roles, depending upon the demands of social culture and transforming milieu, you have to come to an understanding to join hands with the alter-ego to try and live up to the roles.

Doing justice to every role is a difficult option and with myriad expectations, life becomes a challenging task. We have to ensure a balance, or else, it is noticeable that the alter-ego goes on to become stronger and it’s characterization, influenced by the surrounding environment, trying to overtake your inherent behavior.

Without realizing, the characteristics of the alter-ego become more pronounced in the thought process and entire philosophy of life starts changing. Psychologically, you are coerced by this another persona, a part of your inner reflection trying to jeopardize the communication between you and the world.

In fact, in many instances, the alter-ego becomes a truant version of yourself and engages with you at a deeper level communicating with the mind to coerce into a dissociative behavior.

Dissociating from the realities of life can have implications that can affect your decision taking skills and making the right choices in life. More often you will find that life is swerving towards the negative paths and creating an environment of turmoil.

With self-realization and wisdom of life, one can reach a common ground where the self and the alter-ego can pursue the same philosophy of life and overcome the challenges in life with a concerted effort.

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