An Eternal Cycle

Born, to be included into the life’s rhythmic cycle From life, breathes another life, an infant’s grace Life flows through the hyaline labyrinths of universe Branching into numerous dimensions of the Spirit A soul pledges allegiance to the omnipresent Supreme Illumined is the journey with guidance of limitless light Every cell, a vassal of the incredible paradise of life Life carries the boundless dreams of an … Continue reading An Eternal Cycle

Nature-The Timeless Beauty

O’ Nature, the timeless mysteries Narrating the antiquated stories Still mesmerizing, holds the attention Of the ardent listeners of quaint world That comes alive with the colors Believers of the eternal transformation Changing landscapes reflect many emotions Nature, the charmer in mystical disguise Playful in nature, whispering a cryptic language Many unknown paths yet to be discovered Networks of parallel worlds play hide-and -seek Travelers … Continue reading Nature-The Timeless Beauty

Love- Untouched by Time

I hold on to the love untouched by Time A truth that was birthed with cosmic radiance Not any Age or contorted thoughts can sully A pure soul predestined to meet the worshipper Sagacious hearts blend into the world of Oneness Love, that divine feeling and existence through eras Timeless, blessed by the fate of eternal continuity Love transcends, to guide the souls through eternity … Continue reading Love- Untouched by Time

Artist and Creativity- The Unknown World

There are multiple personas of an artist. It is an effort by the artist to genuinely characterize the different dimensions of knowledge, with aspects of creativity woven around them; to make them more acceptable to the art enthusiasts. The artist has to communicate a dreary and atypical subject of philosophy and also the inspirations that do not dwell on the popular premises of knowledge communicated … Continue reading Artist and Creativity- The Unknown World

The Pertinent Problem

Leadership is not about egotistical pursuits. True leaders show the path as a guiding light, with gratitude.~ Amitav We have neglected the problems and ills of society for too long. We have always been, as a society, looked for superficial remedies for any problem(s). In fact, we have entrusted the reins of the society to doubtful leaders, who are groomed and supported for the role. … Continue reading The Pertinent Problem