Fractured Dreams

Fractured dreams Yearns to be wrapped in love Soft feelings can heal Held close to the heart To whisper the occult spell Don’t write the saddest lines yet There’s hope for the dreams Wish under the infinite sky Embrace the dreams again To nurture them to life Let tears wash away the agony Drown in the eternal To find the way to be traversed Fractured … Continue reading Fractured Dreams


Water flows directionless Changes its course Ineffably happy soul Writes the fate of life No terrain can deter The waterways to create a surge Sparkling clarity of thought Flows unfazed through obstacles Realizes its ambition through patience Water manifests life’s ideology Unequivocally flows within us The entire existence is our world© Continue reading Water

The Enigmatic World

Poetry eulogizes the enigma- the Universe O’ the words just flow like a clear stream Imagination that transcended the boundaries The mind was summoned by the wilderness The soul and heart rushed in anticipation A journey entirely fulfilling and fascinating Voices of the universe narrated many tales With childlike fervor the soul wanted more The ears have become used to the voices Forgotten ways led … Continue reading The Enigmatic World