A Simple Journey

It’s rewarding, to be with life

Resist the frivolous temptations

Of being weaned away from freedom

Life flows freely with natural splendor

There’s no time to grieve over mundane possessions

Admonish the voices those who speak gibberish

Don’t let go of the true spirit of life

Have the ambition to be grateful every day

Love a soul and nurture the dreams with integrity

Gaze towards eternity and transcend horizons

Divine strength in the simple pursuits of life

Tread across wildernesses to find yourself

There’s no malice and no race to win

Life rewards the recluse with cosmic wisdom

It’s providence, there is no temptation to compare©

2 thoughts on “A Simple Journey

  1. Ahh.. You talk about the Simple Journey, but I love how you put complex ideas into simple words and get it across. My favorite – “Tread across wildernesses to find yourself.” I constantly feel the need to discover something new in me. Good work!

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