Life in Motion

Universe is in eternal motion Align the mind with subtle changes Life, not in vain, when it realizes the purpose View life with clarity and not with tainted vision Passions of human soul can evoke positivity Fate is intertwined with the cosmic motion You are the entire universe in a body Walk away from the stinted knowledge There is a profound teacher called Life Every … Continue reading Life in Motion

Ethereal Beauty

The stillness is soul stirring A floating Moon dissolves slowly The halo disperses with the ripples Hushed ambiance narrates a story Senses are captivated with anticipation A feeling of euphoria in a tranced mind The body draped in an aureate robe Experiencing the creation in pure form Soul enraptured by the nightly tune Drink the divine potion from nature’s crucible Swoon over the ethereal beauty … Continue reading Ethereal Beauty

Morning Laughter

The fresh morning laughter Wakes up the senses with eagerness First light of the morn has a lilting feel The crimson orb with a bonnie face Peeks through the window with mischief The laughter seeks to rejuvenate the day Pouring divine grace over the paradise None can hide the morning excitement Tugging at the heartstrings with playfulness Clumsy steps lead to the rhapsodic scenery Nature … Continue reading Morning Laughter