Emphatic Words

Voices can be opposed and shut off; whereas, powerful piece of writing that is eccentric to the commonly held perceptions when presented with strong logic and conviction cannot be overlooked. Every word leaves a deep impact on the psyche.  ~Amitav Continue reading Emphatic Words

As the Eyes See

The eyes have become adept At viewing things collectively Often missing the finer designs of life Consciousness muddled with imageries Drafted with a plan to confuse Engineered to narrow the field of vision Conceptual structures on abstract foundations There is no way to know the legitimacy As rubble they will lay in heaps Where old desires are abdicated  New biases will be construed Cutting across like … Continue reading As the Eyes See

Unsure Steps

Walking in and out Of the perimeter of life The field of vision shrinking Confined within boundaries Never an easy step Pacing across in trepidation Trampling on dreams That have wilted and turned yellow No more green pastures Love’s existence in little oases Quickly drying up with heat of lust Fruits unripe and sour None to nurture them with patience Seek to root life in … Continue reading Unsure Steps

Life’s Manuscript

Along the journey So many ideas have been overwritten As new ones found acceptance Such is the fate of life’s palimpsest Visible tirade of the former Where words wrangle about legitimacy Ideas start resembling a knotted rope Threatening to strangulate originality Break through the imaginary confines Seek original ideas and write afresh Let a new manuscript be adorned With the ideas that can outlive defiance© Continue reading Life’s Manuscript