Contrary Designs

Marauding the peace that prevails Bending curiosity to resemble barbed wires Approaching life with limited understanding A Faustian bargain to own the paradise Nothing of value we have to offer, to close the deal Rendered useless are the many theories  Life has this cold and steely resemblance Somnambulists are waylaid through contrary paths Opened eyes and dilated pupils, a blank gaze Deeply enthused with the … Continue reading Contrary Designs

Philosophical Understanding

Arriving at a conjecture based on the references, is just another perception among the many that already exists. Such inferences get lost in the ‘soon to be forgotten’ annals and will be under the millions of words and tenets. To arrive at a philosophical debate one must present a new dimension from the experiential point of view; this is only possible when one wants to … Continue reading Philosophical Understanding

World and Lifestyle

The world which endorses ideologies like ‘cut-throat’ competition, ‘market your skills’, and ‘brand yourself’ so that you can be a ‘go-getter’; all of the mentioned jargons (which have negative connotations) are being taught for a survival in an increasingly corporate world which promotes such aggressive thinking. It is only natural that role-models have shifted from people of intellect towards people of wealth. They are being hailed … Continue reading World and Lifestyle

Feeling of Love

Sometime in eternity When the feeling of love Started flowing through cosmic realm Consecrated by the revered One Evoking the souls to an ablution ritual To purify the mind and body Emerge with clarity of the Self A feeling of ultimate purity can flow freely Awakening every cell Inundating the universe within with love An eternal bond with existence Kindled the light of gratitude A … Continue reading Feeling of Love