Do Not Lament Over Sunken Dreams

Do not lament over sunken dreams If they were true desires of the soul They will be buoyed by the eternal forces Salvaging the dreams from any depths You have placed your trust in the Divine Congregation of positive energy will be your guide Be resilient to the mute opinions and disapprovals One with the Universe you are a formidable being With every breath, you … Continue reading Do Not Lament Over Sunken Dreams

Philosophical Space

In the world of philosophy when you are creating your own space, ensure that you do not deny someone else theirs; their right to dwell within the premises. Also, it is important, while creating your space, the foundation is built on innate knowledge, which has been thoroughly and rigorously pursued every day with the help of introspection and self-realization. It is a continuous effort because … Continue reading Philosophical Space

Light Takes a Brief Hiatus

Light takes a brief hiatus Darkness comes to life from hibernation Vision starts adjusting to the change Imposing firmament sets the tone Voice of darkness has an ethereal feel Intense ambience invites the soul When the Universe transforms to a grand avatar Brightness of the stars showers Divine grace It’s a different world here in paradise Draped in simplicity and ultimate passion Spirit dances to … Continue reading Light Takes a Brief Hiatus