Philosophical Space

In the world of philosophy when you are creating your own space, ensure that you do not deny someone else theirs; their right to dwell within the premises.

Also, it is important, while creating your space, the foundation is built on innate knowledge, which has been thoroughly and rigorously pursued every day with the help of introspection and self-realization. It is a continuous effort because the dynamics of the Universe changes and as the mind matures, it gains new perspective and knowledge about it.

Acquire knowledge that is already been circulated and in the public domain, they have been accepted and learned by rote, due to the demands of the educational system and how society has structured the entire ecosystem of humanity.

Although every knowledge (written or unwritten) which is considered to be sacrosanct can be contested or questioned by the philosophical mind. One cannot be conclusive about their veracity and there are many missing links in the evolution process.

We are speculating based on available knowledge and rarely do we turn within to comprehend our innate knowledge that is much more authentic but not yet entirely explored. We are living in a connected consciousness and find it difficult not to be influenced by the propagandas.

We have failed to align ourselves with nature and the Universe to look for answers about our origin and purpose and we have always shown contempt towards the consciousness of the natural world and the various lives that exist.

We consider ourselves to be superior and extricate ourselves from the close ecosystem of the animal kingdom and nature. We are not aware of nature’s designs and thus, are coming up with research programs and scientific pursuits which are leading to failures and contrary results.

Science has limitations but a scientific approach towards life will yield results. Humanity has to learn to respect nature and it’s beings and live in a cohesive manner to accept the eternal nature of the Universe. We are students all our life and not experts. We are always ‘work in progress’. Always adopt the open-minded approach as a rigid mindset shuts out the entry of new knowledge.