Identity, busy with daily errand Trying to balance feelings between twin lives Incorporated lifestyle with routine itinerary Swift change in moods to match identities One yearns for solitude, another, the exuberance Within, there are no silent spaces Anecdotes become jumbled narratives One life is painted in contrasting colours Inner silence has retreated to an unknown space A name replaced with token identities Wondering, the legitimacy … Continue reading Identities

A City at Night

Busy city, of concrete dreams Transforms into a transparent facade At the touch of mystical moonlight City gets a beautiful makeover Quietness cloaks the erratic lifestyles Enshrined with the charismatic mantra Recited in a low hum decibel of cosmic waves Solemn phase when busyness retreats Unmasked is the uneasiness of modern day life Night is bejeweled in finely crafted stones Shining bright across the magical … Continue reading A City at Night