Inherited Thoughts

Rely on those thoughts

Inherited during sleep

When the mind is transported

Into the realm of eternity

Sleep, a portal to an ethereal life

There are no imitations

Congregation of multi-dimensional

Where every facet of life

Creates a matrix in cohesion

Reflecting the coded messages

That are embedded in the soul

Mind’s eyes have eternal vision

An event of synchronicity

The connection remains elusive

Sleep is the ultimate awakening

A realization of the subliminal©

4 thoughts on “Inherited Thoughts

  1. You have aptly described what my sleeping thoughts are like. The universe opens up when we are in the position of rest. This position of rest also applies to our waking hours… if we only allow ourselves to go there.

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      1. I find my most complex problems are answered here. I find the questions I could never bring to the forefront to ask, resolved as well.

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