The Path I Walk

I avoided the busy streets

Lest I trampled on shadows

Did not want to carry the burden

Of walking in uninvited

Into someone’s world and privacy

With it many dreams

Not to overlap them with mine

Light shines for everyone

World is an eternity of journey

I decide where my shadow reflects

An uncharted path is chosen by me

There is no crowd here

To interrupt the rendezvous

I cajole the Universe to speak

First, it is just a monologue

Soon, becomes a dialogue with eternity©

15 thoughts on “The Path I Walk

      1. Again, agree with that bit about creativity being like meditation. And come to think of it, the converse can also be true : in a meditative state, your best creativity can emanate


      2. If you’re writing for yourself (as I am here), yes, but what about those of us who make a living out of writing for an audience and for commercial benefit?


      3. Amitav, you’re right in principle. Dunno about in practice though, when I see and read some of our bestsellers here in India. What’s your opinion there?

        Listen, if you don’t mind, can you share your email id & we can carry on this conversation offline. You could mail me on if you’d like to.

        Cheers, take care!


      4. Too much is being published and most of them are not of quality. I do not rely on rankings and bestsellers tag when I choose a book. I rely on my instinct and gauge the quality of the plot and other aspects. For me, it works and I do not go by popular notions and gimmicks. Because things are being pushed and packaged by media to make it saleable. Nothing new in a commoditized world.

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