Life is Abundant

Life is abundant Always blessing with benevolence Wish with restraint Take not more than you deserve All you need is not much Share with fellow travelers Let Life prosper Greed shall make it barren We create our fate Let’s be kind to the future© Continue reading Life is Abundant

Flowing Sorrow

Where there should have been happiness  There is perennial sorrow flowing Every day, life is a challenge in paradise To save the souls from drowning In their tears, that falls incessantly Brightness of the Sun becomes unbearable Moon and stars become blurry to sorrowed eyes None can escape the lure of fantasy Denying the fate of better life to Nature’s children Weaving stories of vicious … Continue reading Flowing Sorrow

With Every Breath

With every breath, you feel life Every time a new world to experience Leaves the soul in awe Entire universe comes to your life To inspire the heart to write From one corner of the world Capture universe’s beauty with imagination Travel through eternity for inspiration World bows before the inspired mind With every breath, inviting the world To unfold every layer of mystery Finally, … Continue reading With Every Breath