Conversation, Consciousness, and Conclusions

The frequent conversations that you engage in, with yourself, reflects the state of your mind and shapes the philosophy of your life. Regularly, life pours a lot of inputs, and your brain reacts to the ones you choose, either compulsively, or to feel that you are in sync with the immediate sentiments of society and people around.

If you reflect deeply, most of your reactions towards life are shaped by different experiences, on a regular basis, or which leaves a positive or negative impact. When in solitude, or, you cut off every possible stimulus, you can open your vision to a different world of consciousness, which, till now was getting confused by the exaggerated state of the hyperreal world.

Your consciousness has many dimensions, and you are aware of only one level which helps you to retain the information that is being regularly updated through various mediums (media, books, conversations, culture, religion).

You come to conclusions prematurely and rely on facts which have been circulated in the public domain continuously, which may be heavily edited or may not carry pure facts. You have to consider both the possibilities and inspire the consciousness to reach a neutral path of consciousness, which is devoid of any deliberate influence.

Life is a continuous journey and given the eternal possibilities and changes that happen every moment, at a very micro level, that your consciousness fails to recognize the changes until it is big enough in proportions for your senses to realize.

It is important to continue the conversation with yourself, gradually, trying to walk the neutral path and realize the potential of knowledge.

While writing about philosophy, the words that flow with ease and language that comes directly from the heart is closer to the truth. Encourage your mind to engage in such conversations to find answers to your questions.

4 thoughts on “Conversation, Consciousness, and Conclusions

  1. Introspection…. in solitude…. is something most people don’t indulge in nowadays . When we contemplate in peace about who we are, what we are doing and what we ought to do, we would be able to break down the various complexities of life and perceive everything with clarity…

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  2. It is fun to consciously evaluate all information as it is perceived. This often yields different answers than the ones being projected and imposed through various situations and media. The conscious filter, the middle path, the neutral stance… all gifts on the way to enlightenment.

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    1. Thinking philosophy requires the mind to be free, to comprehend the nature of existence, which may not always have immediate evidence, but will gradually emerge. Philosophy is a continuous process to seek in the right direction and not be influenced by conclusions.

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