So often, we do not see

We visualize the collective thoughts

Relentlessly invades our mind

To alter the field of vision

Pulling us towards a common dream

Aspirations, desires, and life

Not enough time for introspection

Hurried through life’s every juncture

Journeying without self-realization

We see, yet we falter

Knowing, the hurdles are there

Becomes a habit to repeat mistakes

Defunct ideologies stretched too far

Now, are losing their elasticity

It’s time to free from the unnecessary

To unwrap the mind from prejudices

Seek a path of true life

And we can find the rhythm in our walk©

7 thoughts on “See

  1. The energy in the air is of the people thinking, believing the same things. But the truth lies in silence, when we stop and listen to our own soul.

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