Suddenly waking up from a siesta feels like a journey through a state of trance has come to an end abruptly. The body experiences a travel through an endless labyrinth and feels the nothingness; floating through a space of an unknown origin where time does not exist.

It’s like traveling from present moment of reality to the middle of nowhere and catches a glimpse of other realities that surround the body for a while. Journey through various consciousnesses for fleeting moments.

After waking up, the world around, the reality that has a hold on the body seems to be an alien feeling. It takes time to adjust to the sudden shift and the mind feels baffled by the experience.

In fact, a siesta can be an invigorating experience; a journey through different worlds and realization of other realities. A portion of time from the present moment and reality is erased.

Whoever said that a siesta is not a desirable habit, considering the busyness of the modern day commitments have certainly not experienced the pleasure of such an event. Being away from common perceptions can help one daydream and allow an eventful siesta.