The Robe

Everyone is attired in a robe; intrinsically woven with the threads of nature. Once, wound in the spool, the threads are interwoven with secret messages of life.

It is perfectly measured, according to the requirement of a lifetime and to preserve the sanctity of Divine grace.

It does not have the unnatural ostentation or embellished with various artificially mined superlatives, to give a new identity to Life.

The robe is eternally fashionable and always identifiable by its lustrous nature. The Empyrean spirits respect the robe. One can blend easily and maneuver through various phases of life with confidence.

Communicating with life becomes meaningful and enriching when attired in a robe of ultimate simplicity; glowing with compassion, kindness, love, and gratitude.

The robe preserves the modesty of nature’s child and bestowed with a precious boon to acknowledge the importance of every life in the universe.

Travelers journeying, attired in the original robe, as designed by the universe, is always a pilgrim of life. They possess gratitude and immense zeal to identify the continuous path of life. This journey will take the soul to a realm of higher consciousness.

One is identified by the pristine robe and allowed entry into the hallowed chambers of eternity. The robe protects the soul in any weather and reflects the inner calm and sincerity towards life.

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