So often, we do not see We visualize the collective thoughts Relentlessly invades our mind To alter the field of vision Pulling us towards a common dream Aspirations, desires, and life Not enough time for introspection Hurried through life’s every juncture Journeying without self-realization We see, yet we falter Knowing, the hurdles are there Becomes a habit to repeat mistakes Defunct ideologies stretched too far … Continue reading See


Smiles are difficult to decipher It disguises the true feelings Secrets being held between the lips Smiles do deceive Only if one knew the mathematics of it The angles and slants To come closer to the hypotheses But smiles generate many theories Heart is left flummoxed Too many emotions to calculate Let’s concentrate on the eyes A genuine smile does sparkle Eyes portray the world … Continue reading Smiles

Life Becomes One

It is essential to deconstruct Life Allow the walls of myths to collapse Wish away the boundaries of limitations There’s beauty in life’s nakedness Not cloaked in anonymity The bright soul of life dazzles with hope Wavelength of life in sync with our mind Renewing itself from core of eternity As we continue to fail in deciphering life Trying to bury it under accumulate knowledge There … Continue reading Life Becomes One


There’s a sense of urgency Even the nights are not spared With relentless cacophony Frazzled nerves and dull appearance Existence is scraped along superficiality Lacerated feelings drain life’s force Overworked bodies and tired minds Blurry motions for mindless pursuits Life is losing its entirety Living in fragments, without continuity Severing ties with love and kindness Vicious cycle draws unassuming souls There are unnecessary questions Hegemonic … Continue reading Urgency

Love’s Predicament

Sometimes, love gets caught  In an unnecessary web of lies To create a hologram of paradise Without any foundation Only truth are the fanatical lies There is an unnecessary persistence To subdue a credulous heart Dreaming of living happily for the world Amidst the wreckages of a dream Walking on slippery ground Buoyant by the hope of a revival  Lies make the institution decrepit With … Continue reading Love’s Predicament

Give Life a Chance

Every moment a new realization  Subtle changes transform life’s interface Soul quietly adapts to the scenario Yet, the body is busy with everyday distractions Drudgery of life initiates mental lethargy Beautiful facets of life remain obfuscated We created a life full of instructions As we diligently process available options Our desire to hold life in our palms Control every move and outcome In reality, life is eternally … Continue reading Give Life a Chance

With Freedom

Freedom does not defy Life Being wild is to roam the wilderness Engage in communication with Nature There is no valor in repetitive mistakes None can juxtapose the artificial knowledge With the true tenets of Universe Or, dare to alter the wavelengths of life Energy is Divine and we represent it Carrying the expansive nature of existence Blessed with the eternal continuity Freedom is to … Continue reading With Freedom

Profound Silence

Profound silence meditates Without being distracted by words So many unwanted feelings Vanishes like camphor, but troubles Leaving a bitter taste in life Caged in crystalline worlds True feelings lay subdued within While acquired obsolescence Gets deflected through various mediums Varying changes in behaviour Propagates unrest through existence Only profound silence can heal Bring resilience to deal with change In a world of upheaval caused by … Continue reading Profound Silence