In Art

Art opens the abstract world Asymmetrical, yet balanced There is symmetry at the core Brilliant words denote impressionism Coded with colours of bold expressions Emphatic imagery of boundless imaginations Solitude makes the Artist courageous Every line encompasses eternity Breathes life into the surreal Art details the soul of structuralism© Continue reading In Art

Feelings stop Flowing

When feelings stop flowing Scarcity etches deep fissures Exposing the parched territories Shallow beds of life suffer silently Contours of melancholy are evident Lips dry up- unable to speak Feelings curled up in a dry lump Caught in the throat Chokes the speeches on their track Tender lushness missing from life Journey brushes along the thorns Lacerating the skin with every step© Continue reading Feelings stop Flowing

Mystical Music

Mystical sound waves weave magic As I can visualize the transparent screen Composed of pure music Reflecting my subtle imaginations vividly Waves of universal symmetry Transitions each dream into a lucid space Music takes the Spirit to another world Nature reveals the hidden wonder This space is perfect haven to reminisce The sound waves lead me to a different realm Where harmony reflects from every facet© Continue reading Mystical Music

Self-realization and Self-obsession

There is a difference between self-realization and being self-obsessed. Self-realization means you are more aware of the self, which is the microcosm of the eternal Universe. With self-realization, one has humility, gratitude, and the eagerness to know more about the existence, whereas, being self-obsessed an individual will speak in reference to the ‘I’ and express ‘Ego’. Self-obsession is a cage and gives birth to the … Continue reading Self-realization and Self-obsession